Fastest Players in FIFA 19

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Fastest Players in FIFA 19

Fastest Players in FIFA 19

How Important is Pace?

While it’s not as overpowered as it has been in recent instalments, pace is still important in FIFA 19. Whether you’re chasing an attacker or a through ball, having the fastest players in your team can make all the difference. When assessing players, Sprint Speed and Acceleration are given a lot of weight, nobody seems to favour slow players. If you’re still unsure about the definitions of and difference between Sprint Speed and Acceleration, go and check out our attributes guide. With all that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the fastest players in FIFA 19, making it easy for you to find quick players to inject some pace into your side.

Fastest Players in FIFA 19 – Top 50

50. Vadillo

The left midfielder has 93 sprint speed and 91 acceleration. 77 potential means those values could still increase.

49. Olarenwaju Kayode

93 sprint speed and 91 acceleration. The Shakhtar striker also has 78 potential.

48. Rafa

79 rated currently, could grow to 82. An effective right winger with 93 sprint speed and 91 acceleration.

47. Gerso

No real growth potential here but matches the previous entrants’ 93 sprint speed and beats them with 92 acceleration.

46. Alvaro Garcia

Matches Gerso with sprint speed at 93 and acceleration at 92. The Spaniard plays at left midfield and only has one potential growth point.

45. Lautaro Acosta

Plays on the left wing, where 93 sprint speed and 92 acceleration comes in handy. 30 years old now though, so those stats might start to decline.

44. Ismaila Sarr

Another player with 93 sprint speed and 92 acceleration. The real point of difference here for the 76 rated Senegalese left midfielder is his 87 potential.

43. Alphonso Davies

Davies can match Sarr’s sprint speed, acceleration and potential – 93, 92 and 87 respectively. The Canadian left midfielder starts out at 72 overall though.

42. Kensuke Nagai

This Japanese striker is unlikely to grow beyond his 67 rating, but 93 for both pace attributes is fantastic.

41. Martin Boyle

Another player whose pace is far beyond his overall rating. The Australian right midfielder also has 93 for both stats.

40. Marcel Heller

At 32 years old, it’s very unlikely that Heller’s sprint speed and acceleration are going to stay at 93 for long. That being said, he could be a cheap stopgap at right midfield.

39. Braydon Manu

Another left midfielder who possesses 93 for both stats. Starts out rated 65 but can reach 74 overall.

38. Fahad Al Muwallad

If you need a right midfielder in the mid 70s, Al Muwallad might be your man. The Saudi is 72 overall but has 77 potential and 93 for both pace attributes.

37. DeAndre Yedlin

Thankfully not everyone on our list of fastest players in FIFA 19 is a winger. The Newcastle right back has pace to burn with both stats ranked at 93. His 81 potential means that he still has room for improvement though.

36. Jordi Alba

Two full backs in a row, also with 93 for both stats. Alba is older than Yedlin so probably won’t grow any more but is already an exceptional defender.

35. Timo Werner

93 sprint speed and acceleration in a striker makes it much more viable to play lofted through balls. The Leipzig man is already an impressive 83 overall but has the potential to reach 87.

34. Seyi Adekoya

Also a striker but his 62 rating and 68 potential would put him behind Werner. However, he can match him for sprint speed and his 94 acceleration edges it.

33. Modou Barrow

Also with 93 sprint speed and 94 acceleration, this left midfielder is currently playing in the Championship.

32. Hirving Lozano

81 rated but definitely an exciting prospect considering his 86 potential. His 93 sprint speed and 94 acceleration is invaluable on the wing.

31. Elliott List

A 60 rated striker that can reach 66 overall. His 93 sprint speed and 95 acceleration is incredible considering he plays in England’s third tier.

30. Jonathan Biabiany

Another ageing winger. The Frenchman still has an impressive 93 sprint speed and 95 acceleration.

29. Sadio Mane

Unsurprisingly makes our list of the fastest players in FIFA 19. 93 sprint speed and 95 acceleration is deadly enough, whether he grows a little more or not.

28. Kingsley Coman

His age and 87 potential make him an interesting option for left midfield. 93 sprint speed and 95 acceleration is more than enough to beat most right backs.

27. Kekuta Manneh

Another left midfielder, but the American is 69 rated and has 76 potential so might be more appropriate if you’re playing in a lower league. He also has 93 sprint speed but his 96 acceleration beats Coman’s.

26. Douglas Costa

Unlikely to grow any more but shouldn’t start to decline for a few seasons. The skilful Juventus winger has the joint-best acceleration in the game at 97, but his 93 sprint speed means he finishes outside the top half.

25. Oliver Burke

Not the best acceleration at 85, but his 94 sprint speed lands him spot #25. Considering he is only 70 overall, those stats could improve by the time the right midfielder hits his 81 potential.

24. Gboly Ariyibi

Despite his 94 sprint speed, 87 acceleration means he is more effective over longer distances. A 67 rated right midfielder who has 72 potential.

23. Dimitri Oberlin

An interesting striking option. 94 sprint speed and 89 acceleration is phenomenal for a 69 rated player. Even better is the fact he can reach 81 overall in the right conditions.

22. Devante Cole

Another striker, but not quite as highly rated – 66 overall with 73 potential. Can match Oberlin’s 94 sprint speed but his 90 acceleration is superior.

21. Clinton N’Jie

74 rated striker that can grow a little and hit his 77 potential. 94 sprint speed and 91 acceleration is seriously impressive.

20. Erling Knudtzon

No real growth potential but if you’re looking for a striker around the 70 mark, you’ll have a hard time beating 94 sprint speed and 92 acceleration.

19. Ryan Fredericks

Also has 94 sprint speed and 92 acceleration, making him one of the quickest full backs in the game. The West Ham man can hit 76 overall but starts out at 73.

18. Frank Acheampong

If you need a reliable and pacey striker, Acheampong may be your man. 94 sprint speed and 92 acceleration is very good for a 75 rated player. His 80 potential means he could get even better.

17. Inaki Williams

Another striker with 94 sprint speed and 92 acceleration. His 81 rating and 87 potential means he is more suited to a Champions League level club.

16. Vinicius Junior

Another player with 94 sprint speed, 92 acceleration but the Real Madrid youngster is a left winger. His 77 rating is decent enough but they splashed the cash because of his 92 potential.

15. Rashad Muhammed

Considering this striker is only 61 overall and is only likely to hit 64 at his peak, 94 sprint speed and 93 acceleration is exceptional.

14. Alex Kiwomya

Pace stats at 94 and 93 are useful in a right midfielder. Kiwomya is rated 62 overall but has a potential of 74, making it likely that a team outside of League One snaps him up.

13. Thievy Bifouma

Another right midfielder with 94 sprint speed and 93 acceleration. Bifouma is a more readymade option starting out at 75 overall.

12. Jonas Aguirre

An incredibly pacey left midfielder, considering his overall rating is only 68. The Argentinian has 94 for both sprint speed and acceleration.

11. Tom Barkhuizen

Barkhuizen also has 94 for both pace attributes. However, he plays on the right, is rated 71 overall and can reach 74.

10. Michaell Chirinos

Plays on the left but makes the top 10 paciest players in FIFA 19 because of his 74 potential and 67 starting rating. 94 acceleration and 94 sprint speed makes him worthy of the #10 spot.

9. Luis Advincula

Unlikely to grow further than his 74 rating. 94 sprint speed and 95 acceleration makes him the fastest right back in FIFA 19.

8. Gelson Martins

Now at Atletico Madrid, the right midfielder is rated 82 overall with 87 potential. Can beat most back lines with 94 sprint speed and 95 acceleration.

7. Ihlas Bebou

A solid right midfield choice at 76 overall but 81 potential. The first player on this list to have 95 sprint speed, he also has a very respectable 91 acceleration.

6. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

The fastest striker in FIFA 19, if you’re going by their primary positions. His 88 rating means he’s already one of the best attackers in the game, but 95 sprint speed and 93 acceleration is incredible.

5. Jurgen Damm

The 75 rated right midfielder isn’t a high growth player, but 95 sprint speed and 94 acceleration means he steals the #5 spot from Aubameyang.

4. Gareth Bale

Can match Damm’s 95 sprint speed and 94 acceleration, but his 88 overall rating means he has a lot more ability in other areas.

3. Leroy Sane

Number three on our list has 96 sprint speed and 93 acceleration. The Manchester City and Germany international is already rated 86 overall but has a mouthwatering potential of 93.

2. Kylian Mbappe

Whether you play him on the wing or as a striker, Kylian Mbappe is a revelation. A 96 rating for both sprint speed and acceleration is a worry for opposition defences. Don’t forget that although he’s already earned a 87 rating, he has the potential to hit 95 one day.

1. Adama Traore

The fastest player in FIFA 19 career mode is Adam Traore. Although Douglas Costa can match his 97 acceleration, only two others equal his 96 sprint speed. The 75 rated right winger is currently at Wolves, but his 86 potential means he’s bound to find his way to a bigger club eventually.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the fastest players in FIFA 19. Be sure to check out our other lists.