Best Free Kick Takers in FIFA 19

Best Free Kick Takers in FIFA 19

While it might take a bit of luck to win a free kick within scoring distance, when you get one, you won’t want to mess it up. With that in mind we’ve ranked the best free kick takers in the game based on their relevant stats. Fifty players to choose from means you’re sure to find someone you like, regardless of your budget or preferred position. 

Top 50 Best Free Kick Takers in FIFA 19

The following list was put together using a custom ranking metric. Keep an eye out for five players in this list that have great growth potential. 

50. David Alaba

Kicking off our list of the best free kick takers in FIFA 19 is the Austrian left back. Left footed with 84 free kick accuracy, 78 curve and 83 shot power.

49. Josip Iličić

Although they both have 84 FKA and Iličić has 77 curve, his 87 shot power nudges him ahead. He’s a left footed centre forward.

48. Miralem Sulejmani

Also has a respectable 84 accuracy but is one of a handful of players here with 82 curve. Another left footer that plays at LM, his shot power is 75.

47. Fernando

Right footed CDM with 84 free kick accuracy, 82 curve and 76 shot power.

46. Ricardo Rodriguez

Left sided full back with 84 free kick accuracy, 82 curve but a slightly improved 78 shot power.

45. Romulo Otero

Otero is ahead of the rest so far thanks to his 85 shot power. The right footed LM also has 84 FKA and 82 curve.

44. Balazs Dzsudzak

The 31 year old still has nicely balanced free kick stats. Free kick accuracy of 84 and 83 for both curve and shot power. It’s worth noting that the Hungarian is left footed.

43. Simone Verdi

Yet another left footer, Verdi has 84 FKA, 84 curve and 81 shot power.

42. Aketxe

The first player on this list that deserves a special mention for having good growth potential, meaning his free kicks could still improve. The left footed CAM doesn’t have great shot power (75) but 85 accuracy and 84 curve is great.

41. Caner Erkin

This Turkish left back has just hit 30 but his 84 accuracy and curve makes him more than reliable, 82 shot power is useful too.

40. Selcuk Inan

Right footed but a few years older than Erkin. Inan has 85 FKA, 83 curve and 78 shot power.

39. Leigh Griffiths

The left footed Celtic striker has 85 accuracy, 82 curve and 81 shot power.

38. Kengo Nakamura

At 38, he’s no spring chicken. However, 85 accuracy and curve is impressive for a 73 rated player. 74 shot power is a bit of a let down.

37. Yasuhito Endo

Also 38, but edges Nakamura because of his superior 86 accuracy. Slightly lower curve at 82 and his shot power is 75.

36. Robert Lewandowski

Free kick accuracy (86) and shot power (88) are where his strengths lie. His 77 curve isn’t all that great, but you can console yourself with the fact that he is one of the best strikers in FIFA 19.

35. Benat

Nicely balanced stats but you’ll buy Benat if you prefer a driven free kick. 87 shot power, 84 free kick accuracy and 83 curve.

34. Juan Mata

A good option if you prefer a curled free kick from a left footer. 86 accuracy, 84 curve but only 75 shot power.

33. Daniel Wass

Right footed, with 85 free kick accuracy, 86 shot power and 83 curve.

32. Jose Sosa

A right footed curve specialist with 85 accuracy, 86 curve and 79 shot power.

31. Luis Suarez

His FKA (84) is slightly lower than Sosa’s but he has and 86 rating for both curve and shot power.

30. Hernanes

The Brazilian CM has nicely rounded stats. 85 FKA, 84 curve and 85 shot power.

29. Toni Kroos

After that goal in the World Cup, he was bound to be one of the best free kick takers in FIFA 19. His highest stat is his 87 shot power, but with 84 free kick accuracy and 86 curve, you won’t need to blast it.

28. Ivan Rakitic

84 accuracy and shot power is good enough, the 88 curve stat just tops it off. Unfortunately for him there’s a few other names in the Barca ranks that are just as deadly from a set piece.

27. Yaya Toure

The ex-City man still has it. 86 free kick accuracy, 82 curve and 86 shot power.

26. Dimitri Payet

With 90 curve, Payet can deceive even the best goalkeepers. 84 free kick accuracy and 80 shot power isn’t bad either.

25. Xherdan Shaqiri

The Liverpool man’s stats are seriously impressive. Free kick accuracy of 84 is a good start, but 87 shot power and 88 curve are a wonderful combination.

24. Pedro Leon

Right footed, with nicely balanced FK stats. 85 accuracy, 87 curve and 84 shot power.

23. Lasse Schöne

Although most people are raving about Ajax’s young talent, the 32 year old is still the boss when it comes to free kicks. 86 FKA, 85 curve and 83 shot power.

22. Marcos Alonso

Fantastic free kick ability for a left back. 86 free kick accuracy, 85 curve and 84 shot power.

21. Marco Reus

A favourite of ours when it comes to the best free kick takers in FIFA 19. Power or placement? You decide. 84 accuracy, 89 curve and 88 shot power.

20. Gylfi Sigurdsson

The Icelandic CAM has shown time and time again he’s more than comfortable standing over a free kick. He has 86 FKA, 87 curve and 83 power.

19. Aleksandar Kolarov

A great choice if you like to beat a keeper with power (91). 86 accuracy and 85 curve is very handy too.

18. Keisuke Honda

Synonymous with free kicks for years. Despite his age he still has 86 free kick accuracy, an impressive 88 curve and 84 shot power.

17. Ruslan Malinovskyi

The Genk CM might fly under the radar as a relatively unknown player, but his stats speak for themselves. 87 FKA, 84 curve and 88 power.

16. Anderson Talisca

Let’s start by saying his stats are already impressive. 87 free kick accuracy, 86 curve and 84 shot power will have most goalkeepers sweating. He’s another player we wanted to highlight because of his growth potential, he can reach 90 overall. If that happens he’ll climb our list of best free kick takers rapidly.

15. Christian Eriksen

The great Dane is ever reliable from set pieces. 84 shot power isn’t bad at all, but he really excels at placed free kicks considering his 87 accuracy and 86 curve.

14. Neymar

Not ideal if you’re looking for a cheap option but he’s still one of the best free kick takers in the game. 87 free kick accuracy and 88 curve should beat any wall with ease, his 80 shot power is somewhat disappointing.

13. James Rodriguez

What’s not to like? 86 FKA, 89 curve and 86 shot power. Maybe when he finishes his loan at Bayern Munich you’ll consider buying him.

12. Shunsuke Nakamura

The oldest player here at 40 years old, but he’s still one of the best free kick takers in FIFA 19. With 79 shot power he’s all about placement. 88 free kick accuracy and 87 curve is spectacular in a 72 rated CAM.

11. Coutinho

86 free kick accuracy and 83 shot power, so why is the diminutive Brazilian so high amongst the best free kick takers? That’ll be because of his 91 curve ability.

10. Memphis Depay

Into the top ten best free kick takers now and things really start to get interesting. Gained admirers with his powerful free kicks during his time in the Eredivisie. His 88 accuracy, 85 curve and 87 shot power reflect that fact. His career seems to be back on track at Lyon and the game actually lists him as a striker. We like Depay because he still has a good amount of growth potential

9. Paulo Dybala

Another player worth highlighting because of his growth potential, Don’t bother unless you have significant transfer funds though, Dybala is set to be one of the best strikers in the world. Even as things stand he’s rated 88 for accuracy and curve, 82 shot power is by no means poor.

8. Marvin Plattenhardt

Unreal stats for a left back. 89 FKA, 87 curve but only 79 shot power.

7. Gareth Bale

A bump in the Welshman’s stats means he climbs the list from last year. 87 free kick accuracy and 90 curve is enough to get excited about. As it stands his 92 shot power is the highest among the best free kick takers in FIFA 19. 

6. Parejo

If you’re looking for a powerful right foot, Parejo isn’t it – his shot power is only 78. However, 90 free kick accuracy and 89 curve is incredible.

5. Miralem Pjanic

Another player who isn’t known for his driven free kicks (78 shot power). He’s fifth among the best free kick takers for a reason though. 86 curve and an eye-watering 92 free kick accuracy.

4. Enis Bardhi

Number four is impressive enough, but Bardhi is probably our choice pick of the best free kick takers. Bear in mind he’s only 77 overall currently, 91 accuracy and 89 curve is unbelievable – without even factoring in 85 shot power. His growth potential is what makes us such a big fan of his, those stats should have improved by the time he reaches 83 overall.

3. Hakan Calhanoglu

Topped last year’s list but falls to #3 in FIFA 19. His stats have been trimmed slightly, but 90 FKA, 92 curve and 86 shot power is still plenty.

2. Sebastian Giovinco

FIFA has a habit of destroying player’s attributes once they hit 30 but Giovinco has climbed 7 places since last year. Most people won’t care about his 80 shot power when they realise his 93 accuracy and 90 curve.

1. Lionel Messi

Only #4 last year, but Messi really is the best free kick taker in FIFA 19. His shot power stays at 85 but he possesses 93 curve and the highest free kick accuracy in the game at 94.

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