FIFA 18 Youth Scouting

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FIFA 18 Youth Scouting Guide


UPDATE: Follow this link for our FIFA 19 Youth Scouting Guide

What is Youth Scouting?

This part of Career Mode in FIFA 18 allows you to prepare your club for the future by scouting for young players (between the ages of 15-18) that might have the potential to be the next Dele Alli or Ousmane Dembele. You’ll be able to hire your own scouts and send them all over the world, hopefully for them to return with the superstars of tomorrow. Like most things with FIFA 18, this is easy to get into but difficult to master – so I’ve put together this guide to give you a massive advantage in your career mode.


FIFA 18 Youth Scouting Guide

To keep things simple, I’ve broken the guide down into five parts:

  1. Hiring a Scout

  2. Setting up a Scouting Network

  3. Monthly Scouting Reports

  4. Youth Academy

  5. Professional Contract

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