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MLS Challenge

FIFA MLS Challenge


Over the years, players have flocked to the MLS from European leagues during the twilight of their careers. The latest example of this would be Wayne Rooney moving to DC United. This has led to Major League Soccer gaining a somewhat unfair reputation as a retirement league. We decided to lean into this and create the MLS Challenge.


  • You must manage a team in the MLS. It’s equally fun to play this challenge with other teams, but using MLS sides makes it more authentic.
  • You can only sign players that are at least 30 years old.
  • Players that will turn 30 during the first season may remain in your squad.
  • Any players younger than this must be sold or released.
  • No youth scouting allowed (Hard mode)
  • Youth scouting only allowed in USA, Canada and Mexico. Limited to 1 player per season. (Normal mode).
  • Youth scouting only allowed in USA, Canada and Mexico. Limited to 3 players per season. (Easy mode).
  • Ultra Hard Mode – you aren’t allowed to sell players, they stay at your club until they retire.


As always, the aim is to win!


  • Use your senior scouts to look for players aged 29 so that you can snap them up the moment they turn 30.
  • Pre-contract agreements will be very handy in this challenge.

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